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Extended Schools

St Colm's High School Extended Schools Programme

The Extended Schools Programme in St Colm’s, funded by the South Eastern Education and Library Board, offers a range of after school activities including: After School Clubs, Revision Classes and Peripatetic Music classes. St Colm’s also provides not only a Summer School in August for prospective St Colm’s pupils but also valuable resources for optimum delivery of the programme.


The main aims of the programme include:

  • Reducing Underachievement

  • Fostering Health, Well-Being and Social Inclusion

  • Improving Life Chances

  • Integrating the delivery of support and services for children and young people.

St Colm’s School Development Plan priorities/objectives are also fully enshrined within the main aims of the programme and include:

  • To continue to foster high self-esteem and expectations among pupils, parents, staff, Governors and the wider community;

  • Improving pupils’ attendance, punctuality and behaviour;

  • Improving levels of achievement in literacy, numeracy and ICT across the school;

  • Increasing the pupils’ range and level of achievements generally.

The Programme currently includes the following:

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