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St Colm's High School Policies

Access Arrangements Policy

Appeals Policy

Assessment Policy

Attendance Matters

Break Lunch Guidelines

CCEA Centre Policy Template Post-Results Service

Centre Determined Grades Policy

Child Protection Policy

Complaints Flow Chart

Complaints Procedure

Computer & Internet Policy

Contingency Policy

Controlled Assessment Policy

Curriculum Policy

Discipline Policy Statement

Drugs Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Examinations Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Healthy Eating

Homework Policy

Lunchtime in St Colm's

Malpractice Policy

Marking and Presentation Policy

Numeracy Policy

Outlining Staff Responsibilities - Controlled Assessment

Pastoral Care Policy

Policy Statement on Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Promotion of Healthy Eating in St Colms

Pupil Complaints Procedure

Risk Assessment

School Trips Policy

Special Educational Needs Policy

Whole-School Literacy Policy

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