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Year 8 Induction

Transition from Primary School to St Colm’s High School


In St Colm’s High School we work collaboratively with our feeder Primary Schools to ensure that all children have a positive and enjoyable experience. We know that parents and pupils are anxious about transferring to the ‘big school’ and so we offer opportunities to meet with relevant staff and pupils to discuss issues/concerns they may have.

​Open Night offers all pupils and their parents the opportunity to see the full breadth of the curriculum offered in our school. Pupil work is displayed in all departments and visiting pupils will get the chance to immerse themselves in the kind of activities which help our pupils to consolidate their learning. Teachers are available and happy to answer any questions to assist parents to make this important decision for their child’s future.

Before the start of Year 8

​Pupils who decide to come to St Colm’s will be met in their Primary School by our link teacher and Year eight pupils from the same Primary School. These Year eight mentors have a great perspective of the year that lies ahead and offer transferring pupils a high level of support which helps to remove any of the anxiety they may be experiencing.

​Pupils will be invited for testing in Literacy and Numeracy. From this point we can start to identify the individual needs of each child and put education plans in place. On this morning pupils also have the opportunity to meet others who will be part of their year group for the next seven years.

​Parents are invited for a short informal meeting with senior teachers to outline briefly the year ahead for their child and address any queries or concerns.

​Summer school is a two week programme run exclusively for pupils transferring to St Colm’s. Literacy and Numeracy are addressed in some sessions through interactive activities which build confidence, support retention and help to develop good relationships between the pupils. Other sessions involve Drama, Sport, Creative Arts and some very enjoyable outings.


Starting Year 8

​The first morning is a day for year 8 only. Pupils will meet with key teachers in the school who will be dedicated to their care while in St Colm’s. Form Tutors will take pupils to their form room and distribute the greatly anticipated timetable and planner for the year. Activities on this day will help pupils to get to know one another and find their way easily around the school.

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