Staff & Governors

St. Colm's High School Staff & Governors 2018-19


Mr A Walsh

Vice Principal

Mr D Crudden

School Leadership Team

Mr H Campbell

Ms C Gallagher

Ms U Mackel

Curriculum Co-ordinators

Mr M Bohill

Ms C Crudden

Ms F Martin-Higgins

Mr C Corbett

Year Heads

Ms O McAleer – Year 8

Ms D Brennan – Year 9

Mr K Grego – Year 10

Ms C Skelton – Year 11

Mr B Allsopp – Year 12

Ms N Cushnahan – Year 13/14

Principal - Mr A Walsh

Art Department

Mr C Corbett (HOD/Co-ordinator for Extended Schools/Curriculum Co-ordinator/ELT)

Ms B Kerr

Drama Department

Ms J Fennell (HOD)

Ms O McAleer (SENCO/Year Head/ELT)

English Department

Ms Waide (HOD)

Mr H Campbell

Ms U Mackel

Shauna Walsh

Geography Department

Ms A Ardis (HOD)

Ms N Cushnahan (Progress Files Co-ordinator, Year Head/ELT)

General Subjects

Ms P McDonagh

History Department/Politics


Home Economics Department

Ms C Crudden (HOD/Curriculum Co-ordinator/Teacher Tutor/ELT)

Ms V Corrigan (Year Head/ELT)

Christine McKeever

ICT & Business Studies

Mr M Bohill (HOD/Curriculum Co-ordinator/ELT)

Ms S Barry

Ms P McDonagh

Mathematics Department

Ms G Daly (HOD/Numeracy Co-ordinator)

Ms C Gallagher (Co-ordinator Numeracy Programmes/Year Head/Primary Links Co-ordinator/ELT)

Mr J McKernan (Co-ordinator for Awards & Rewards)

Ms C Skelton (Exams Officer/Year Head/ELT )

Modern Languages

Spanish - Ms A Murphy (HOD)

Irish - Ms F Martin-Higgins (HOD/Head of Careers/Curriculum Co-ordinator/ELT)

Music Department

Ms B Smyth (HOD)

P.E. Department

Mr B Allsopp (HOD/Year Head/Health & Safety Co-ordinator/ELT)

Ms D Brennan (Head of LLW/Year Head/MAP Co-ordinator/ELT)

Mr H McGurnaghan

Amanda Toner

Religion Department

Ms L Morrissey (HOD)

Science & Techology Department

Ms C McLoughlin (HOD)

Mr K Grego (Year Head/ELT)

Mr D Crudden

Dee Hilditch (Science)

Nathan Moreland (Technology)

Ancillary Staff

Ms L Boyle (General Office)

Ms V Kearney (General Office)

Ms P Moore (Reception)

Mr G O'Hara (ICT Manager)

Caretaking Staff

Mr J Willis

Mr F Wilson

Classroom Assistants

Ms A Devlin

Mr B Corr

Ms M Boyle

Ms P Neilson

Mr S Baker

Ms D. Malone

Mr C McMurray

Mr N Darragh

Ms S McArdle

Ms N McGonnell

Mr J O’Hare

Ms M Delaney

Ms S McCarthy

Ms L Doyle
Mr C Quinn


Mr Brian Hill Chairperson – DE Governor

Mr Sean McArdle - Trustee Governor

Ms Anne Hughes - Trustee Governor

Mrs Carol Edwards - DE Governor

Mrs Brenda Brady - Parent Governor

Mrs Cathy McNally - Trustee Governor

Mr Paul Hamill - EA Governor

Ursula McTaggart - EA Governor

Mr Adrian Walsh - Principal

Mr Declan Crudden - Teacher Governor

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